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ROUND INDUSTRIAL Co., Limited Focused on slip rings & rotary joints manufacturing for more than 7 years, is a worldwide designer, manufacturer of slip rings and rotary joints integrating research, testing, production and sales. ROUND locates in BAOAN Town which is one of the top ten township enterprises and has convenient transportation for land, sea and air. In the past several years, ROUND created big achievements and in future, taking the advantages of technology we will make greatest efforts to improve and innovate continually and to be the world class designer and manufacturer of slip ring.

  By means of overall quality control system, the strict management in design, manufacture and test and the advanced devices and technology, all the functions and indexes of Round’s products are at the leading level of the industry. Depending on R&D strength and the friendly cooperation with well-know enterprises, ROUND could not only provide standard industrial slip rings, but also could customize different slip rings according to customer’s requirements. We could customize slip rings from the circuits 1 to 80, the current from milliamp to 500 Amp, the rotating speed from 10rpm to 10000rpm, and from electrical slip ring to fiber slip ring.

ROUND establishes long-term business relations with well-know enterprises including military industry, research institution and university from all over the world. Our products consist of high, middle and low class as well as special slip rings, such as carbon brush, electrical slip ring and electrical rotary joint and so on. ROUND gives high priority to the quality, all slip rings are finished under strict control process standard with advanced design, strict production control, testing and good after-sale service according to national standard, industrial standard and European standard.

ROUND’s slip rings are excellent in quality and after-sale service, we always try our best to make customers satisfied. With the advancement of globalization, it's inevitable for ROUND to expand worldwide market our mission is to produce the world-class slip rings in the near future.




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